checker-framework 3.45.0 API

Qualifiers for the Compiler Message Key Checker.
The implementation of the Fake Enum Checker.
Provides a type-checker plug-in for the Interned qualifier that finds (and verifies the absence of) equality-testing and interning errors.
Contains a simple type-checker plug-in that performs assignment and pseudo-assignment checks on annotated types.
This package implements whole-program inference, an interprocedural inference that infers types and inserts them into a program.
Classes using for live variable analysis.
Contains an extension of the general org.checkerframework.dataflow framework that is specific to the Checker Framework and can be used by any checker.
Contains the basic annotations to be used by all type systems and meta-annotations to qualify annotations (qualifiers).
Contains the essential functionality for interfacing a compile-time (source) type-checker plug-in to the Java compiler.
Contains a way of representing the type of a program element that considers the type qualifiers on that element (and ignores its Java type).
Despite the name visitor/, this package does not just contain visitors.