Package org.checkerframework.framework.source

package org.checkerframework.framework.source
Contains the essential functionality for interfacing a compile-time (source) type-checker plug-in to the Java compiler. This allows a checker to use the compiler's error reporting mechanism and to access abstract syntax trees and compiler utility classes.

Most classes won't want to extend the classes in this package directly; the classes in the org.checkerframework.common.basetype package provide subtype checking functionality.

See the Checker Framework Manual:
Writing a Checker
  • Class
    An aggregate checker that packages multiple checkers together.
    A DiagMessage is a kind, a message key, and arguments.
    An abstract annotation processor designed for implementing a source-file checker as an annotation processor (a compiler plug-in).
    An AST visitor that provides a variety of compiler utilities and interfaces to facilitate type-checking.
    An annotation used to indicate what lint options a checker supports.
    An annotation used to indicate what Checker Framework options a checker supports.
    Specifies the prefixes or checkernames that suppress warnings issued by this checker.