Package org.checkerframework.common.accumulation

package org.checkerframework.common.accumulation
  • Class
    This class only contains boilerplate code to permit AccumulationValue's accumulatedValues functionality to interact with the rest of an accumulation type system.
    An annotated type factory for an accumulation checker.
    An accumulation checker is one that accumulates some property: method calls, map keys, etc.
    The alias analyses that an accumulation checker can support.
    This class is boilerplate, to enable the logic in AccumulationValue.
    The default transfer function for an accumulation checker.
    AccumulationValue holds additional information about accumulated facts ("values", not to be confused with "Value" in the name of this class) that cannot be stored in the accumulation type, because they are not a refinement of that type.
    The visitor for an accumulation checker.