Class I18nChecker

  extended by javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor
      extended by com.sun.source.util.AbstractTypeProcessor
          extended by checkers.util.AggregateChecker
              extended by checkers.i18n.I18nChecker
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class I18nChecker
extends AggregateChecker

A type-checker that enforces (and finds the violations) two properties:

  1. Only localized output gets emitted to the user
  2. Only localizable keys (i.e. keys found in localizing resource bundles) get used as such.

See Also:
SubI18Checker, KeyLookupChecker

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protected  Collection<Class<? extends SourceChecker>> getSupportedCheckers()
          Returns the list of supported checkers to be run together.
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Constructor Detail


public I18nChecker()
Method Detail


protected Collection<Class<? extends SourceChecker>> getSupportedCheckers()
Description copied from class: AggregateChecker
Returns the list of supported checkers to be run together. Subclasses need to override this method.

Specified by:
getSupportedCheckers in class AggregateChecker