Class KeyLookupChecker

  extended by javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor
      extended by com.sun.source.util.AbstractTypeProcessor
          extended by checkers.source.SourceChecker
              extended by checkers.basetype.BaseTypeChecker
                  extended by checkers.i18n.KeyLookupChecker
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public class KeyLookupChecker
extends BaseTypeChecker

A type-checker that checks that only valid localizable keys are used when using localizing methods (e.g. ResourceBundle.getString(String)). Currently, the checker supports two methods for localization checks:

  1. Properties files: A common method for localization using a properties file, mapping the localization keys to localized messages. Programmers pass the property file location via propfile option (e.g. -Apropfile=/path/to/
  2. ResourceBundle: The proper recommended mechanism for localization. Prograppers pass the baseName name of the bundle via bundlename (e.g. -Abundlename=MyResource. The checker uses the resource associdated with the default Locale in the compilation system.

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 Set<String> getLocalizableKeys()
          Returns a set of the valid keys that can be localized.
 void init(ProcessingEnvironment env)
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public KeyLookupChecker()
Method Detail


public void init(ProcessingEnvironment env)
Description copied from class: SourceChecker

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init in interface Processor
init in class BaseTypeChecker
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public Set<String> getLocalizableKeys()
Returns a set of the valid keys that can be localized.