Class DefaultQualifierPolymorphism

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public class DefaultQualifierPolymorphism extends AbstractQualifierPolymorphism
Default implementation of AbstractQualifierPolymorphism. The polymorphic qualifiers for a checker that uses this class are found by searching all supported qualifiers. Instantiations of a polymorphic qualifier are combined using lub.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultQualifierPolymorphism

      public DefaultQualifierPolymorphism(ProcessingEnvironment env, AnnotatedTypeFactory factory)
      Creates a DefaultQualifierPolymorphism instance that uses factory for querying type qualifiers and for getting annotated types.
      env - the processing environment
      factory - the factory for the current checker
  • Method Details

    • replace

      protected void replace(AnnotatedTypeMirror type, AnnotationMirrorMap<AnnotationMirror> replacements)
      Description copied from class: AbstractQualifierPolymorphism
      Replaces the top-level polymorphic annotations in type with the instantiations in replacements.

      This method is called on all parts of a type.

      Specified by:
      replace in class AbstractQualifierPolymorphism
      type - the AnnotatedTypeMirror whose poly annotations are replaced; it is side-effected by this method
      replacements - a mapping from polymorphic annotation to instantiation
    • combine

      protected AnnotationMirror combine(AnnotationMirror polyQual, AnnotationMirror a1, AnnotationMirror a2)
      This implementation combines the two annotations using the least upper bound.

      Returns annotation that is the combination of the two annotations. The annotations are instantiations for polyQual.

      The combination is typically their least upper bound. (It could be the GLB in the case that all arguments to a polymorphic method must have the same annotation.)

      Specified by:
      combine in class AbstractQualifierPolymorphism
      polyQual - polymorphic qualifier for which a1 and a2 are instantiations
      a1 - an annotation that is an instantiation of polyQual
      a2 - an annotation that is an instantiation of polyQual
      an annotation that is the combination of the two annotations