Class CFCFGBuilder


public class CFCFGBuilder extends CFGBuilder
A control-flow graph builder (see CFGBuilder) that knows about the Checker Framework annotations and their representation as AnnotatedTypeMirrors.
  • Constructor Details

    • CFCFGBuilder

      protected CFCFGBuilder()
      This class should never be instantiated. Protected to still allow subclasses.
  • Method Details

    • build

      public static ControlFlowGraph build(CompilationUnitTree root, UnderlyingAST underlyingAST, BaseTypeChecker checker, AnnotatedTypeFactory factory, ProcessingEnvironment env)
      Build the control flow graph of some code.
    • assumeAssertionsActivatedForAssertTree

      public static boolean assumeAssertionsActivatedForAssertTree(BaseTypeChecker checker, AssertTree tree)
      Given a SourceChecker and an AssertTree, returns whether the AssertTree uses an @AssumeAssertion string that is relevant to the SourceChecker.
      checker - the checker
      tree - an assert tree
      true if the assert tree contains an @AssumeAssertion(checker) message string for any subchecker of the given checker's ultimate parent checker