Class UnderlyingAST

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UnderlyingAST.CFGLambda, UnderlyingAST.CFGMethod, UnderlyingAST.CFGStatement

public abstract class UnderlyingAST extends Object implements org.plumelib.util.UniqueId
Represents an abstract syntax tree of type Tree that underlies a given control flow graph.
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    • UnderlyingAST

      protected UnderlyingAST(UnderlyingAST.Kind kind)
      Creates an UnderlyingAST.
      kind - the kind of the AST
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    • getUid

      public long getUid(@UnknownInitialization UnderlyingAST this)
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      getUid in interface org.plumelib.util.UniqueId
    • getCode

      public abstract Tree getCode()
      Returns the code that corresponds to the CFG. For a method or lamdda, this returns the body. For other constructs, it returns the tree itself (a statement or expression).
      the code that corresponds to the CFG
    • getKind

      public UnderlyingAST.Kind getKind()