Class AbstractNodeVisitor<R,P>

Type Parameters:
R - return type of the visitor
P - parameter type of the visitor
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
BusyExprTransfer, CFAbstractTransfer, ConstantPropagationTransfer, LiveVarTransfer, ReachingDefinitionTransfer

public abstract class AbstractNodeVisitor<R,P> extends Object implements NodeVisitor<R,P>
A default implementation of the node visitor interface. The class introduces several 'summary' methods, that can be overridden to change the behavior of several related visit methods at once. An example is the visitValueLiteral(org.checkerframework.dataflow.cfg.node.ValueLiteralNode, P) method, which is called for every ValueLiteralNode.

This is useful to implement a visitor that performs the same operation (e.g., nothing) for most Nodes and only has special behavior for a few.