Class PhaseOneResult


public class PhaseOneResult extends Object
A wrapper object to pass around the result of phase one.
  • Constructor Details

    • PhaseOneResult

      public PhaseOneResult(UnderlyingAST underlyingAST, IdentityHashMap<Tree,Set<Node>> treeToCfgNodes, IdentityHashMap<Tree,Set<Node>> treeToConvertedCfgNodes, IdentityHashMap<UnaryTree,BinaryTree> postfixTreeToCfgNodes, List<ExtendedNode> nodeList, Map<Label,Integer> bindings, Set<Integer> leaders, List<ReturnNode> returnNodes, Label regularExitLabel, Label exceptionalExitLabel, List<ClassTree> declaredClasses, List<LambdaExpressionTree> declaredLambdas, Types types)
      Create a PhaseOneResult with the given data.
      underlyingAST - the underlying AST
      treeToCfgNodes - the tree to nodes mapping
      treeToConvertedCfgNodes - the tree to converted nodes mapping
      postfixTreeToCfgNodes - the postfix tree to nodes mapping
      nodeList - the list of nodes
      bindings - the label bindings
      leaders - the leaders
      returnNodes - the return nodes
      regularExitLabel - the regular exit labels
      exceptionalExitLabel - the exceptional exit labels
      declaredClasses - the declared classes
      declaredLambdas - the declared lambdas
      types - the javac type utilities
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    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • nodeToString

      protected String nodeToString(ExtendedNode n)
    • toStringDebug

      public String toStringDebug()
      Returns a verbose string representation of this, useful for debugging.
      a string representation of this