Annotation Type AssertNonNullAfter

public @interface AssertNonNullAfter

Indicates that if the method terminates successfully, the value expressions are non-null.

This is useful for methods that initialize a field, for example.

See Also:
NonNull, NullnessChecker
See the Checker Framework manual:
Nullness Checker

Required Element Summary
Modifier and Type Required Element and Description
 String[] value
          The value can be: fields on receiver object.

Element Detail


public abstract String[] value
The value can be:
  1. fields on receiver object. The value should simply be the field name, e.g. next, parent.
  2. no-arg method members on the receiver object: The value would be the method signature, e.g. list()
  3. method argument: The value should be # followed by the parameter index (index starts with 0), e.g. #2.