Class TestChecker

  extended by javax.annotation.processing.AbstractProcessor
      extended by checkers.source.SourceChecker
          extended by checkers.basetype.BaseTypeChecker
              extended by checkers.util.test.TestChecker
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class TestChecker
extends BaseTypeChecker

A simple checker used for testing the Checker Framework. It treates the \@Odd annotation as a subtype-style qualifier with no special semantics.

This checker should only be used for testing the framework.

Field Summary
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currentRoot, env, messager, messages, skipPattern, trees
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 AnnotatedTypeFactory createFactory(CompilationUnitTree tree)
          Constructs an instance of the appropriate type factory for the implemented type system.
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createQualifierHierarchy, createSourceVisitor, createSupportedTypeQualifiers, createTypeHierarchy, getQualifierHierarchy, getSupportedLintOptions, getSupportedTypeQualifiers, init, isAssignable, isSubtype, isValidUse
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Constructor Detail


public TestChecker()
Method Detail


public AnnotatedTypeFactory createFactory(CompilationUnitTree tree)
Description copied from class: BaseTypeChecker
Constructs an instance of the appropriate type factory for the implemented type system. The default implementation uses the checker naming convention to create the appropriate type factory. If no factory is found, it returns BasicAnnotatedTypeFactory. It reflectively invokes the constructor that accepts this checker and compilation unit tree (in that order) as arguments. Subclasses have to override this method to create the appropriate visitor if they do not follow the checker naming convention.

createFactory in class BaseTypeChecker
tree - the currently visited compilation unit
the appropriate type factory