Package checkers.util

Class Summary
AnnotationUtils A utility class for working with annotations.
AnnotationUtils.AnnotationBuilder Builds an annotation mirror that may have some values.
ElementUtils A Utility class for analyzing Elements
GraphQualifierHierarchy Represents the type qualifier hierarchy of a type system.
GraphQualifierHierarchy.Factory Factory used to create an instance of GraphQualifierHierarchy.
Heuristics Utilities for determining tree-based heuristics.
Heuristics.Matcher A convenience class for tree-matching algorithms.
InternalUtils Static utility methods used by annotation abstractions in this package.
QualifierDefaults Determines the default qualifiers on a type.
QualifierPolymorphism Implements framework support for type qualifier polymorphism.
TreeUtils A utility class made for helping to analyze a given Tree.
TypesUtils A Utilities class that helps with Elements.