Class InterningVisitor

  extended by com.sun.source.util.TreeScanner<R,P>
      extended by com.sun.source.util.TreePathScanner<R,P>
          extended by checkers.source.SourceVisitor<R,P>
              extended by checkers.basetype.BaseTypeVisitor<Void,Void>
                  extended by checkers.interning.InterningVisitor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class InterningVisitor
extends BaseTypeVisitor<Void,Void>

A type-checking visitor for the Interned type qualifier that uses the BaseTypeVisitor implementation. This visitor reports errors or warnings for violations for the following cases: 1. if either argument to a "==" or "!=" comparison is not Interned (error "not.interned") 2. if the receiver and argument for a call to an equals method are both Interned (optional warning "unnecessary.equals")

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class checkers.basetype.BaseTypeVisitor
annoFactory, annoTypes, checker, visitorState
Fields inherited from class checkers.source.SourceVisitor
atypeFactory, elements, root, trees, types
Constructor Summary
InterningVisitor(InterningChecker checker, CompilationUnitTree root)
          Creates a new visitor for type-checking Interned.
Method Summary
 Void visitBinary(BinaryTree node, Void p)
 Void visitMethodInvocation(MethodInvocationTree node, Void p)
          Performs a method invocation check.
Methods inherited from class checkers.basetype.BaseTypeVisitor
checkArguments, checkAssignability, checkMethodInvocability, checkOverride, checkTypeArguments, commonAssignmentCheck, commonAssignmentCheck, commonAssignmentCheck, scan, shouldSkip, shouldSkip, validateTypeOf, visitAnnotation, visitAssignment, visitClass, visitCompilationUnit, visitCompoundAssignment, visitEnhancedForLoop, visitInstanceOf, visitMethod, visitNewArray, visitNewClass, visitParameterizedType, visitReturn, visitTypeCast, visitUnary, visitVariable
Methods inherited from class com.sun.source.util.TreePathScanner
getCurrentPath, scan
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reduce, scan, visitAnnotatedType, visitArrayAccess, visitArrayType, visitAssert, visitBlock, visitBreak, visitCase, visitCatch, visitConditionalExpression, visitContinue, visitDoWhileLoop, visitEmptyStatement, visitErroneous, visitExpressionStatement, visitForLoop, visitIdentifier, visitIf, visitImport, visitLabeledStatement, visitLiteral, visitMemberSelect, visitModifiers, visitOther, visitParenthesized, visitPrimitiveType, visitSwitch, visitSynchronized, visitThrow, visitTry, visitTypeParameter, visitWhileLoop, visitWildcard
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Constructor Detail


public InterningVisitor(InterningChecker checker,
                        CompilationUnitTree root)
Creates a new visitor for type-checking Interned.

checker - the checker to use
root - the root of the input program's AST to check
Method Detail


public Void visitBinary(BinaryTree node,
                        Void p)
Specified by:
visitBinary in interface TreeVisitor<Void,Void>
visitBinary in class TreeScanner<Void,Void>


public Void visitMethodInvocation(MethodInvocationTree node,
                                  Void p)
Description copied from class: BaseTypeVisitor
Performs a method invocation check. An invocation of a method, m, on the receiver, r is valid only if:

Specified by:
visitMethodInvocation in interface TreeVisitor<Void,Void>
visitMethodInvocation in class BaseTypeVisitor<Void,Void>