Class DetachedVarSymbol

All Implemented Interfaces:, AnnotatedConstruct, Element, VariableElement

public class DetachedVarSymbol extends
A DetachedVarSymbol represents a variable that is not part of any AST Tree. DetachedVarSymbols are created when desugaring source code constructs and they carry important type information, but some methods such as TreeInfo.declarationFor do not work on them.
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    Modifier and Type

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  • Constructor Summary

    DetachedVarSymbol(long flags, name, type, owner)
    Construct a detached variable symbol, given its flags, name, type and owner.
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    Modifier and Type
    Get the declaration tree for the variable.
    Set the declaration tree for the variable.

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  • Constructor Details

    • DetachedVarSymbol

      public DetachedVarSymbol(long flags, name, type, owner)
      Construct a detached variable symbol, given its flags, name, type and owner.
  • Method Details

    • setDeclaration

      public void setDeclaration(VariableTree decl)
      Set the declaration tree for the variable.
    • getDeclaration

      public @Nullable VariableTree getDeclaration()
      Get the declaration tree for the variable.