Class BasicAnnotationProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BasicAnnotationProvider extends Object implements AnnotationProvider
An AnnotationProvider that is independent of any type hierarchy.
  • Constructor Details

    • BasicAnnotationProvider

      public BasicAnnotationProvider()
  • Method Details

    • getDeclAnnotation

      public @Nullable AnnotationMirror getDeclAnnotation(Element elt, Class<? extends Annotation> anno)
      Returns the AnnotationMirror, of the given class, used to annotate the element. Returns null if no such annotation exists.
      Specified by:
      getDeclAnnotation in interface AnnotationProvider
      elt - the element
      anno - annotation class
      an annotation mirror of class anno on elt, or an equivalent one, or null if none exists on anno
    • getAnnotationMirror

      public @Nullable AnnotationMirror getAnnotationMirror(Tree tree, Class<? extends Annotation> target)
      Return the annotation on tree that is in the hierarchy that contains the qualifier target. Returns null if none exists.

      This implementation always returns null, because it has no access to any type hierarchy.

      Specified by:
      getAnnotationMirror in interface AnnotationProvider
      tree - the tree of which the annotation is returned
      target - the class of the annotation
      the annotation on tree that has the class target, or null
    • isSideEffectFree

      public boolean isSideEffectFree(ExecutableElement methodElement)
      Returns true if the given method is side-effect-free according to this AnnotationProvider — that is, if a call to the given method does not undo flow-sensitive type refinement.

      Note that this method takes account of this AnnotationProvider's semantics, whereas org.checkerframework.dataflow.util.PurityUtils#isSideEffectFree does not.

      This implementation returns true if the @SideEffectFree annotation is present on the given method.

      Specified by:
      isSideEffectFree in interface AnnotationProvider
      methodElement - a method
      true if a call to the method does not undo flow-sensitive type refinement