Interface AnnotationFormatter

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultAnnotationFormatter, UnitsAnnotatedTypeFormatter.UnitsAnnotationFormatter

public interface AnnotationFormatter
Converts AnnotationMirrors to Strings. Used when converting AnnotatedTypeMirrors to Strings.
  • Method Details

    • formatAnnotationString

      @SideEffectFree String formatAnnotationString(Collection<? extends AnnotationMirror> annos, boolean printInvisible)
      Converts a collection of annotation mirrors into a String.
      annos - a collection of annotations to print
      printInvisible - whether or not to print "invisible" annotation mirrors
      a string representation of annos
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    • formatAnnotationMirror

      @SideEffectFree String formatAnnotationMirror(AnnotationMirror anno)
      Converts an individual annotation mirror into a String.
      anno - the annotation mirror to convert
      a String representation of anno