Class ElementAnnotationUtil


public class ElementAnnotationUtil extends Object
Utility methods for adding the annotations that are stored in an Element to the type that represents that element (or a use of that Element). This class also contains package private methods used by the ElementAnnotationAppliers that do most of the work.
  • Constructor Details

    • ElementAnnotationUtil

      public ElementAnnotationUtil()
  • Method Details

    • applyAllElementAnnotations

      public static void applyAllElementAnnotations(List<? extends AnnotatedTypeMirror> types, List<? extends Element> elements, AnnotatedTypeFactory typeFactory)
      For each type/element pair, add all of the annotations stored in Element to type. See apply for more details.
      types - the types to which we wish to apply element annotations
      elements - the elements that may contain annotations to apply. elements.size must == types.size
      typeFactory - the type factory used to create the AnnotatedTypeMirrors contained by types