Class AnnotatedTypeCopierWithReplacement


public class AnnotatedTypeCopierWithReplacement extends Object
Duplicates annotated types and replaces components according to a replacement map.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotatedTypeCopierWithReplacement

      public AnnotatedTypeCopierWithReplacement()
  • Method Details

    • replace

      public static AnnotatedTypeMirror replace(AnnotatedTypeMirror type, IdentityHashMap<? extends AnnotatedTypeMirror,? extends AnnotatedTypeMirror> replacementMap)
      Return a copy of type after making the specified replacements.
      type - the type that will be copied with replaced components
      replacementMap - a mapping of referenceToReplace => referenceOfReplacement
      a duplicate of type in which every reference that was a key in replacementMap has been replaced by its corresponding value