Class TypecheckExecutor


public class TypecheckExecutor extends Object
Used by the Checker Framework test suite to run the framework and generate a test result.
  • Constructor Details

    • TypecheckExecutor

      public TypecheckExecutor()
      Creates a new TypecheckExecutor.
  • Method Details

    • runTest

      public TypecheckResult runTest(TestConfiguration configuration)
      Runs a typechecking test using the given configuration and returns the test result.
      configuration - the test configuration
      the test result
    • compile

      public CompilationResult compile(TestConfiguration configuration)
      Using the settings from the input configuration, compile all source files in the configuration, and return the result in a CompilationResult.
    • interpretResults

      public TypecheckResult interpretResults(TestConfiguration config, CompilationResult compilationResult)
      Reads the expected diagnostics for the given configuration and creates a TypecheckResult which contains all of the missing and expected diagnostics.
    • readDiagnostics

      protected List<TestDiagnostic> readDiagnostics(TestConfiguration config, CompilationResult compilationResult)
      A subclass can override this to filter out errors or add new expected errors. This method is called immediately before results are checked.