Class AinferGeneratePerDirectoryTest

public abstract class AinferGeneratePerDirectoryTest extends CheckerFrameworkWPIPerDirectoryTest
A specialized variant of CheckerFrameworkPerDirectoryTest for testing the Whole Program Inference feature of the Checker Framework, which is tested by running pairs of these tests: a "generation test" (of this class) to do inference using the -Ainfer option, and a "validation test" (of class AinferValidatePerDirectoryTest) to check that files typecheck after those inferences are taken into account.
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • resolveTestDirectory

      protected File resolveTestDirectory()
      Resolves the test root directory from the optional TestRootDirectory annotation or falls back to the default of currentDir/tests.
      the resolved directory
    • checkResult

      public void checkResult(TypecheckResult typecheckResult)
      Check that the TypecheckResult did not fail.
      typecheckResult - result to check