Class AnnotationFileUtil


public class AnnotationFileUtil extends Object
Utility class for annotation files (stub files and ajava files).
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationFileUtil

      public AnnotationFileUtil()
  • Method Details

    • partitionQualifiedName

      public static org.plumelib.util.IPair<@FullyQualifiedName String,String> partitionQualifiedName(String imported)
      Split a name (which comes from an import statement) into the part before the last period and the part after the last period.
      imported - the name to split
      a pair of the type name and the field name
    • allAnnotationFiles

      public static @Nullable List<AnnotationFileResource> allAnnotationFiles(String location, AnnotationFileUtil.AnnotationFileType fileType)
      Return annotation files found at a given file system location (does not look on classpath).
      location - an annotation file (stub file or ajava file), a jarfile, or a directory. Look for it as an absolute file and relative to the current directory.
      fileType - file type of files to collect
      annotation files with the given file type found in the file system (does not look on classpath). Returns null if the file system location does not exist; the caller may wish to issue a warning in that case.
    • isCanonicalConstructor

      public static boolean isCanonicalConstructor(ExecutableElement elt, Types types)
      Returns true if the given ExecutableElement is the canonical constructor of a record (i.e., the parameter types of the constructor correspond to the parameter types of the record components, ignoring annotations).
      elt - the constructor/method to check
      types - the Types instance to use for comparing types
      true if elt is the canonical constructor of the record containing it