Class AnnotationFileParser.AnnotationFileAnnotations

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public static class AnnotationFileParser.AnnotationFileAnnotations extends Object
The result of calling AnnotationFileParser.parse: the annotated types and declaration annotations from the file.
  • Field Details

    • atypes

      public final Map<Element,AnnotatedTypeMirror> atypes
      Map from element to its type as declared in the annotation file.

      This is a fine-grained mapping that contains all sorts of elements; contrast with fakeOverrides.

    • declAnnos

      public final Map<String,AnnotationMirrorSet> declAnnos
      Map from a name (actually declaration element string) to the set of declaration annotations on it, as written in the annotation file.

      Map keys cannot be Element, because a different Element appears in the annotation files than in the real files. So, map keys are the verbose element name, as returned by ElementUtils.getQualifiedName.

    • fakeOverrides

      public final Map<ExecutableElement,List<org.plumelib.util.IPair<TypeMirror,AnnotatedTypeMirror>>> fakeOverrides
      Map from a method element to all the fake overrides of it. Given a key ee, the fake overrides are always in subtypes of ee.getEnclosingElement(), which is the same as ee.getReceiverType().
    • records

      Maps fully qualified record name to information in the stub file.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationFileAnnotations

      public AnnotationFileAnnotations()