Annotation Interface DefaultQualifierInHierarchy

@Documented @Retention(RUNTIME) @Target(ANNOTATION_TYPE) public @interface DefaultQualifierInHierarchy
Indicates that the annotated qualifier is the default qualifier in the qualifier hierarchy: it applies if the programmer writes no explicit qualifier and no other default has been specified for the location.

Other defaults can be specified for a checker via the DefaultFor meta-annotation, which takes precedence over DefaultQualifierInHierarchy, or via GenericAnnotatedTypeFactory.addCheckedCodeDefaults(). Also, the CLIMB-to-top rule applies unless explicitly overruled.

The DefaultQualifier annotation, which targets Java code elements, takes precedence over DefaultQualifierInHierarchy.

Each type qualifier hierarchy may have at most one qualifier marked as DefaultQualifierInHierarchy.

See Also:
See the Checker Framework Manual:
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