Class InsertAjavaAnnotations


public class InsertAjavaAnnotations extends Object
This program inserts annotations from an ajava file into a Java file. See main(java.lang.String[]).
  • Constructor Details

    • InsertAjavaAnnotations

      public InsertAjavaAnnotations(Elements elements)
      Constructs an InsertAjavaAnnotations using the given Elements instance.
      elements - an instance of Elements
  • Method Details

    • insertAnnotations

      public String insertAnnotations(InputStream annotationFile, String javaFileContents, String lineSeparator)
      Inserts all annotations from the ajava file read from annotationFile into a Java file with contents javaFileContents that uses the given line separator and returns the resulting String.
      annotationFile - input stream for an ajava file for javaFileContents
      javaFileContents - contents of a Java file to insert annotations into
      lineSeparator - the line separator javaFileContents uses
      a modified javaFileContents with annotations from annotationFile inserted
    • insertAnnotations

      public void insertAnnotations(String annotationFileName, String javaFileName)
      Inserts all annotations from an ajava file into a Java file.
      annotationFileName - an ajava file
      javaFileName - a Java file to insert annotation into
    • main

      public static void main(String[] args)
      Inserts annotations from ajava files into Java files in place.

      The first argument is an ajava file or a directory containing ajava files.

      The second argument is a Java file or a directory containing Java files to insert annotations into.

      For each Java file, checks if any ajava files from the first argument match it. For each such ajava file, inserts all its annotations into the Java file.

      args - command line arguments: the first element should be a path to ajava files and the second should be the directory containing Java files to insert into