Class AnnotationFileStore


public class AnnotationFileStore extends Object
Stores a collection of annotation files. Given a type name, can return a list of paths to stored annotation files corresponding to that type name.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnnotationFileStore

      public AnnotationFileStore()
      Constructs an AnnotationFileStore.
  • Method Details

    • addFileOrDirectory

      public void addFileOrDirectory(File location)
      If location is a file, stores it in this as an annotation file. If location is a directory, stores all annotation files contained in it.
      location - an annotation file or a directory containing annotation files
    • getAnnotationFileForType

      public List<String> getAnnotationFileForType(String typeName)
      Given a fully qualified type name, returns a List of paths to annotation files containing annotations for the type.
      typeName - fully qualified name of a type
      a list of paths to annotation files with annotations for typeName