Annotation Interface IntRangeFromPositive

@Documented @Retention(SOURCE) @Target({}) @SubtypeOf(UnknownVal.class) public @interface IntRangeFromPositive
An expression with this type is exactly the same as an IntRange annotation whose from field is 1 and whose to field is Integer.MAX_VALUE. However, this annotation is derived from an org.checkerframework.checker.index.qual.Positive annotation.

IntRangeFromPositive annotations derived from Positive annotations are used to create IntRange annotations, but IntRangeFromPositive annotations are not checked when they appear on the left hand side of expressions. Therefore, the Index Checker MUST be run on any code with @Positive annotations on the left-hand side of expressions, since the Value Checker will derive information from them but not check them.

It is an error to write this annotation directly. @Positive or IntRange(from = 1, to = Integer.MAX_VALUE) should always be written instead. This annotation is not retained in bytecode, but is replaced with @UnknownVal, so that it is not enforced on method boundaries. The @Positive annotation it replaced is retained in bytecode by the Lower Bound Checker instead.

See the Checker Framework Manual:
Constant Value Checker