Class ReflectiveEvaluator


public class ReflectiveEvaluator extends Object
Evaluates expressions (such as method calls and field accesses) at compile time, to determine whether they have compile-time constant values.
  • Constructor Details

    • ReflectiveEvaluator

      public ReflectiveEvaluator(BaseTypeChecker checker, ValueAnnotatedTypeFactory factory, boolean reportWarnings)
      Create a new ReflectiveEvaluator.
      checker - the BaseTypeChecker
      factory - the annotated type factory
      reportWarnings - if true, report warnings about problems with evaluation
  • Method Details

    • evaluateMethodCall

      public @Nullable List<?> evaluateMethodCall(@Nullable List<List<?>> allArgValues, @Nullable List<?> receiverValues, MethodInvocationTree tree)
      Returns all possible values that the method may return, or null if the method could not be evaluated.
      allArgValues - a list of lists where the first list corresponds to all possible values for the first argument. Pass null to indicate that the method has no arguments.
      receiverValues - a list of possible receiver values. null indicates that the method has no receiver.
      tree - location to report any errors
      all possible values that the method may return, or null if the method could not be evaluated
    • evaluateStaticFieldAccess

      public @Nullable Object evaluateStaticFieldAccess(@ClassGetName String classname, String fieldName, ExpressionTree tree)
      Return the value of a static field access. Return null if accessing the field reflectively fails.
      classname - the class containing the field
      fieldName - the name of the field
      tree - the static field access in the program. It is a MemberSelectTree or an IdentifierTree and is used for diagnostics.
      the value of the static field access, or null if it cannot be determined
    • evaluteConstructorCall

      public @Nullable List<?> evaluteConstructorCall(List<List<?>> argValues, NewClassTree tree, TypeMirror typeToCreate)