Class TreePrinter

All Implemented Interfaces:

A utility class for pretty-printing the AST of a program.

The class is actually an annotation processor; in order to use it, invoke the compiler on the source file(s) for which you wish to view the AST of the program. You may also wish to use the -proc:only javac option to stop compilation after annotation processing. (But, in general -proc:only causes type annotation processors not to be run.)

A simple main method is also provided. You can invoke this tool as:

java org.checkerframework.common.util.debug.TreePrinter *.java

The visitor simply uses the javac Pretty visitor to output a nicely formatted version of the AST.

TODO: I couldn't find a way to display the result of Pretty, therefore I wrote this simple class. If there already was a way, please let me know.

TODO: what I really want is something like SignaturePrinter, but for the whole source of the program, that is, for each type in the program use the factory to determine the defaulted annotations on the type.

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