Class AnnotationStatistics

All Implemented Interfaces:
Processor, OptionConfiguration

@SupportedOptions({"nolocations","annotations","annotationserror","annotationsummaryonly"}) @SupportedSourceVersion(RELEASE_8) public class AnnotationStatistics extends SourceChecker
An annotation processor for counting the annotations in a program and for listing the potential locations of annotations. To invoke it, use
 javac -proc:only -processor org.checkerframework.common.util.count.AnnotationStatistics ...

You probably want to pipe the output through another program:

  • Total annotation count: ... | wc.
  • Breakdown by location type: ... | sort | uniq -c
  • Count for only certain location types: use grep

By default, this utility displays annotation locations only. The following options may be used to adjust the output:

  • -Aannotations: prints information about the annotations, such as whether it is in a signature or in a body
  • -Anolocations: suppresses location output; only makes sense in conjunction with -Aannotations
  • -Aannotationsummaryonly: with both of the obove, only outputs a summary
  • -Aannotationserror: histogram is issued as a warning, not just printed
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    • AnnotationStatistics

      public AnnotationStatistics()
      Creates an AnnotationStatistics.
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