Annotation Interface PolyUnit

A polymorphic qualifier for the units-of-measure type system implemented by the Units Checker.

Any method written using @PolyUnit conceptually has many versions: in each one, every instance of @PolyUnit has been replaced by a different unit qualifier such as @kg (kilograms) or @h (hours).

The following example shows how method triplePolyUnit can be used to process either meters or seconds:

 @PolyUnit int triplePolyUnit(@PolyUnit int amount) {
    return 3*amount;

  void testPolyUnit() {
   @m int m1 = 7 * UnitsTools.m;
   @m int m2 = triplePolyUnit(m1);

   @s int sec1 = 7 * UnitsTools.s;
   @s int sec2 = triplePolyUnit(sec1);

    // :: error: (assignment)
   @s int sec3 = triplePolyUnit(m1);
See the Checker Framework Manual:
Units Checker, Qualifier polymorphism