Class SystemGetPropertyHandler


public class SystemGetPropertyHandler extends Object
Utility class for handling System.getProperty(String) and related invocations.

The result of the method call is assumed to be non-null if the argument is a literal key that is guaranteed to be present in the system properties (according to the documentation of System.getProperty(String)), as in System.getProperties("line.separator").

  • Field Details

    • predefinedSystemProperties

      public static final Collection<String> predefinedSystemProperties
      System properties that are defined at startup on every JVM.

      This list is from the Javadoc of System.getProperties, for Java 17.

  • Constructor Details

    • SystemGetPropertyHandler

      public SystemGetPropertyHandler(ProcessingEnvironment env, NullnessAnnotatedTypeFactory factory, boolean permitClearProperty)
      Creates a SystemGetPropertyHandler.
      env - the processing environment
      factory - the factory for constructing and looking up types
      permitClearProperty - if true, client code may clear system properties, and this object does nothing
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