Class KeyForPropagator


public class KeyForPropagator extends Object
KeyForPropagator is used to move nested KeyFor annotations in type arguments from one side of a pseudo-assignment to the other. The KeyForPropagationTreeAnnotator details the locations in which this occurs.
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  • Constructor Details

    • KeyForPropagator

      public KeyForPropagator(AnnotationMirror unknownKeyfor)
      Creates a KeyForPropagator
      unknownKeyfor - an UnknownKeyFor annotation
  • Method Details

    • propagate

      Propagate annotations from the type arguments of one type to another. Which type is the source and destination of the annotations depends on the direction parameter. Only @KeyFor annotations are propagated and only if the type to which it would be propagated contains an @UnknownKeyFor or contains no key for annotations of any kind. If any of the type arguments are wildcards than they are ignored.

      Note the primary annotations of subtype/supertype are not used.

      Simple Example:

       typeOf(subtype) = ArrayList<@KeyFor("a") String>
       typeOf(supertype) = List<@UnknownKeyFor String>
       direction = TO_SUPERTYPE
      The type of supertype after propagate would be: List<@KeyFor("a") String>

      A more complex example would be:

       typeOf(subtype) = HashMap<@UnknownKeyFor String, @KeyFor("b") List<@KeyFor("c") String>>
       typeOf(supertype) = Map<@KeyFor("a") String, @KeyFor("b") List<@KeyFor("c") String>>
       direction = TO_SUBTYPE
      The type of subtype after propagate would be: HashMap<@KeyFor("a") String, @KeyFor("b") List<@KeyFor("c") String>>
    • propagateNewClassTree

      public void propagateNewClassTree(NewClassTree newClassTree, AnnotatedTypeMirror type, KeyForAnnotatedTypeFactory atypeFactory)
      Propagate annotations from the type arguments of type to the assignment context of newClassTree if one exists.
      newClassTree - new class tree
      type - annotated type of newClassTree
      atypeFactory - factory