Interface CreatesMustCallForElementSupplier

All Known Implementing Classes:
MustCallAnnotatedTypeFactory, ResourceLeakAnnotatedTypeFactory

public interface CreatesMustCallForElementSupplier
This interface should be implemented by all type factories that can provide an ExecutableElement for CreatesMustCallFor and CreatesMustCallFor.List. This interface is needed so any type factory with these elements can be used to retrieve information about these annotations, not just the MustCallAnnotatedTypeFactory (in particular, the consistency checker needs to be able to call that method with both the CalledMethods type factory and the MustCall type factory).
  • Method Details

    • getCreatesMustCallForValueElement

      ExecutableElement getCreatesMustCallForValueElement()
      Returns the CreatesMustCallFor.value field/element.
      the CreatesMustCallFor.value field/element
    • getCreatesMustCallForListValueElement

      ExecutableElement getCreatesMustCallForListValueElement()
      Returns the CreatesMustCallFor.List.value field/element.
      the CreatesMustCallFor.List.value field/element