Class I18nFormatterTreeUtil


public class I18nFormatterTreeUtil extends Object
This class provides a collection of utilities to ease working with syntax trees that have something to do with I18nFormatters.
See the Checker Framework Manual:
Internationalization Format String Checker
  • Field Details

    • checker

      public final BaseTypeChecker checker
      The checker.
    • processingEnv

      public final ProcessingEnvironment processingEnv
      The processing environment.
    • i18nFormatValueElement

      protected final ExecutableElement i18nFormatValueElement
      The value() element/field of an @I18nFormat annotation.
    • i18nFormatForValueElement

      protected final ExecutableElement i18nFormatForValueElement
      The value() element/field of an @I18nFormatFor annotation.
    • i18nInvalidFormatValueElement

      protected final ExecutableElement i18nInvalidFormatValueElement
      The value() element/field of an @I18nInvalidFormat annotation.
  • Constructor Details

    • I18nFormatterTreeUtil

      public I18nFormatterTreeUtil(BaseTypeChecker checker)
      Creates a new I18nFormatterTreeUtil.
      checker - the checker
  • Method Details