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public class FIsAReducer extends Object implements AFReducer
FIsAReducer takes an FIsA constraint that is not irreducible (@see AFConstraint.isIrreducible) and reduces it by one step. The resulting constraint may still be reducible.

Generally reductions should map to corresponding rules in

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      protected final org.checkerframework.framework.util.typeinference.constraint.FIsAReducer.FIsAReducingVisitor visitor
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      public boolean reduce(AFConstraint constraint, Set<AFConstraint> newConstraints)
      Description copied from interface: AFReducer
      Determines if the input constraint should be handled by this reducer. If so: Reduces the constraint into one or more new constraints. Any new constraint that can still be reduced is placed in newConstraints. New irreducible constraints are placed in finish. Return true Return false (indicating that some other reducer needs to handle this constraint) If false is returned, the reducer should NOT place any constraints in newConstraints or finished
      Specified by:
      reduce in interface AFReducer
      constraint - the constraint to reduce
      newConstraints - the new constraints that may still need to be reduced
      true if the input constraint was handled by this reducer, false otherwise